Arrange for undercarriage undercoating services in Chelsea, ME

Undercoating involves applying a protective layer to the undercarriage of your vehicle to shield it from corrosion and other damage. But this isn't a basic project that you can do yourself. You'll need help from professionals. That's where The Undercoating King comes in. We offer undercarriage undercoating services in Chelsea, ME and the surrounding areas.

During our free consultation, we'll examine your car's undercarriage to make sure it's a good candidate for an undercoating. Our vehicle rust treatment services can take up to three days to complete. Get in touch with us now to find out more.

Know what to expect from our undercoating services

When it comes to our undercarriage undercoating services, we take care of the entire process from start to finish. Our expert team will:

Polish all surfaces
Clean the undercarriage
Apply a layer of undercoating
Let the undercoating dry for at least 24 hours

We recommend getting yearly touchups to maximize your undercarriage protection. You can call 207-446-6412 today to book our vehicle rust treatment services.